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What is your delivery date ?

Any sales representative at one point in time in his/her career has to answer that question, customers not only are interested in knowing the prices of your products but also the delivery date. This information is crucial and can influence seriously the possibility to close a deal. Keeping excessive stock to meet future demand can be […]

Teamfield Redesigns the digital go-to Market for Patrick Russia

TeamfieldEnterprise Partner of the Brand worldwide and Italsport have joined forces to augment the presence of this iconic brand in the Russian Federation by unleashing a new and digitally improved go to market. The Teamsport apparel business in Russia is now effervescent due to the world cup held in the country but also due to […]

Selling in 3 Continents , 11 Market Place , 7 3PLs … It is Possible !

We successfully helped Baida Bags (Chinese Accessories Startup) to Define, Design and Manage their worldwide digital sales strategy, our international business developers have provided the brand with a presence in 3 continents, 11 Marketplaces, an asymmetric third-party logistic supply chain support plus return management and automatic stock replenishment system for each Mplace, customer service is […]