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Netsuite – Cash flow Statement

Various analytical techniques exist To assess company’s financial strength, we know that profitability, efficiency, leverage and liquidity are among those. Historically analysts have concentrated on the results deriving from the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, nowadays things are different, huge companies like Amazon have proved that ‘Cash is King’ and profitability is eventual. In […]

China’s online shopping grew by 29.6% to US$953 billion in 2017

China’s online shopping GMV totalled 6.1 trillion yuan (US$953 billion) in 2017, rising 29.6% from a year earlier, showing a pick-up in growth, according to the latest report from iResearch. China’s B2C online shopping amounted to 3.6 trillion yuan in 2017 with a share of 60% in the overall online shopping market, increased by 4.8 percentage […]

Netsuite – Supply Chain and Inventory Management

An essential aspect of managing any business that sells physical goods is determining the right level of stock. Stock value sits on your balance sheet as an asset, assets consume resources thus affecting your cash flow. Companies that operate through different locations in different countries need to manage their stock carefully if they want to avoid […]