Selling in 3 Continents , 11 Market Place , 7 3PLs … It is Possible !

We successfully helped Baida Bags (Chinese Accessories Startup) to Define, Design and Manage their worldwide digital sales strategy, our international business developers have provided the brand with a presence in 3 continents, 11 Marketplaces, an asymmetric third-party logistic supply chain support plus return management and automatic stock replenishment system for each Mplace, customer service is also available for the entire network. With one single ‘Control Tower’ in China, we can now support the growth of this young brand all over the world. This project is unique, in that we were able to create a hybrid go to market composed of Proximity sales through the Mplaces and Cross-Border Sales from China. Contact us at  for more info, we can help you improve your worldwide digital sales.





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