Teamfield Redesigns the digital go-to Market for Patrick Russia

TeamfieldEnterprise Partner of the Brand worldwide and Italsport have joined forces to augment the presence of this iconic brand in the Russian Federation by unleashing a new and digitally improved go to market. The Teamsport apparel business in Russia is now effervescent due to the world cup held in the country but also due to a strategic change in the economy. Importing products from abroad has become more and more expensive and many companies have decided to source products inland in some cases starting manufacturing locally, Russia does not intend to challenge the supremacy of countries like China or Bangladesh when it comes to Sport Apparel , but our discovery driven analysis clearly showed that there is a huge opportunity to grow this business with ‘Made in Russia’ manufactured products. Manufacturing of Patrick Branded Teamwear products will soon start in Russia and products will be offered in the country starting from September. In an industry always dominated by foreign products , we intend to promote the quality of Russian made products to the local market as well as provide our customers with top level customer services , proximity distribution, customization to the fullest extent possible , remittance in local currency , no more administrative burdens to import and many more advantages.

About Teamfield – Teamfield Enterprise is a Digital Transformation consulting company , our Brand Management Department was involved in this project.

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About Italsport – Italsport is one of the oldest Teamsport distributor in Russia , it started Promoting and Selling Patrick products in Russia in 2007.

Contact Sergey at (Speaks Russian)

About the Brand Patrick – Patrick is a French Brand owned by the Cortina Group and it is one of Oldest sport brand in the world , the brand which is now available everywhere in the world it is characterised by the fact that it bears the name of its founder. Back in the days when this industry was at the very beginning it was usual to name organization after the name of the owners (Adidas – Adi Dassler – Lotto – Caberlotto family – Umbro is a blend of words Humphreys Brothers Clothing.)

Netsuite – Cash flow Statement

Various analytical techniques exist To assess company’s financial strength, we know that profitability, efficiency, leverage and liquidity are among those. Historically analysts have concentrated on the results deriving from the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, nowadays things are different, huge companies like Amazon have proved that ‘Cash is King’ and profitability is eventual. In Netprofitbuilers we share this vision, that is why when we implement Netsuite we advise CFOs to create specific portlets to monitor the 3 elements of the Cash Flow Statement being Cash Flow from Operations, Financing, Investing.

Perhaps the most important cash flow relationship is the one between the cash flow from operations and reported net income (In Netsuite it is possible to create formulas to calculate any ratios within the Cash Flow Statement) the so-called Cash-Flow-to-Net-Income ratio reflects the extent to which accrual entries have ‘contaminated’ the overall financial results, the formula to calculate this ratio is CFFO/NetIncome any CFO knows how to contextualize the result of this ratio and make sure that the correct actions are taken if the values are not in line with the expectations.

It is possible that companies with net-losses produce a healthy cash flow which we all know assures continuity, whereas it is possible to find companies with healthy net income but negative cash flows, normally profit alone does not ‘pay the bills’ it needs to be converted into cash.

If You want to know more about Netsuite One World Financial Platform and how it can streamline your entire worldwide operations contact us.

Selling in 3 Continents , 11 Market Place , 7 3PLs … It is Possible !

We successfully helped Baida Bags (Chinese Accessories Startup) to Define, Design and Manage their worldwide digital sales strategy, our international business developers have provided the brand with a presence in 3 continents, 11 Marketplaces, an asymmetric third-party logistic supply chain support plus return management and automatic stock replenishment system for each Mplace, customer service is also available for the entire network. With one single ‘Control Tower’ in China, we can now support the growth of this young brand all over the world. This project is unique, in that we were able to create a hybrid go to market composed of Proximity sales through the Mplaces and Cross-Border Sales from China. Contact us at  for more info, we can help you improve your worldwide digital sales.





China’s online shopping grew by 29.6% to US$953 billion in 2017

China’s online shopping GMV totalled 6.1 trillion yuan (US$953 billion) in 2017, rising 29.6% from a year earlier, showing a pick-up in growth, according to the latest report from iResearch. China’s B2C online shopping amounted to 3.6 trillion yuan in 2017 with a share of 60% in the overall online shopping market, increased by 4.8 percentage points compared to 2015. The growth rate of B2C online shopping in 2017 was 40.9%, much higher than that of C2C online shopping, which was 15.7%. Thereinto, online retail sales in China’s rural areas approached 1244.88 billion yuan, soaring 39.1% from a year earlier. By the end of 2017, the number of rural online shops reached 9.856 million, up 20.7% over 2016, creating over 28 million jobs.

While many companies advocate ‘Cross Borders’ solutions, we are more in favour of a direct presence in China because the Chinese consumer needs to be served in his/her own language and should be able to have a customer service always available. We are different from many others ‘digital agency’ in that we are a digital sales provider, in fact, we not only make sure that your brand and your products are perfectly blended in the Chinese world but we also provide local operations. In this way, you have one single partner which can cover the entire spectrum of the digital operations in China. For more information please download our Presentation

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