Netsuite – Supply Chain and Inventory Management

An essential aspect of managing any business that sells physical goods is determining the right level of stock. Stock value sits on your balance sheet as an asset, assets consume resources thus affecting your cash flow. Companies that operate through different locations in different countries need to manage their stock carefully if they want to avoid overstock and duplications when companies sell online and offline in different countries then the magnitude of this problem Is even more evident. Brick and Mortar retailers and in certain way wholesalers, they all adopt the so-called ‘proximity model’ they try to be as much as possible near to their customers/ consumers, retailers achieve this by opening new stores, wholesalers by opening new warehouse centres or increase the level of distributors. In both cases, companies need a very effective Stock Management strategy if they want to thrive in this complicated business environment, as any mistake in this area can be extremely costly. Netsuite possesses many specific tools to help Retailers and Wholesalers maintaining the right level of stock in each location and/or subsidiary, the use of the demand plan in conjunction with an effective replenishment strategy can help reduce the stock level, the supply chain ‘control tower’ allows supply manager to unify all the locations of the company into one single view to obtain a combined projected stock level, specific alerts can be implemented to warn that excessive stock is building up in certain locations, automated release for each Blanket purchase order keep the stock inflow steady and in line with the expected sales, these are only some of the functionalities avaialable in Netsuite. We are expert in this area and we would be very glad to show you how Netsuite can help you streamlining your operations to optimize your stock strategy worldwide whether online or offline.